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A Smart T-Shirt Monitors Your Breathing Rate in Real Time

A Smart T-Shirt Monitors Your Breathing Rate in Real Time

In Laval University, the experts of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and its Center for Optics, Photonics, and Lasers have made a smart T-shirt that can measure the rate of respiration in the wearer. It can gauge the breathing patterns of people and even detect any abnormality in their breathing rates.

"Unlike other methods of measuring respiratory rate, the smart T shirt works without any wires, electrodes, or sensors attached to the user's body," said Younes Messaddeq, the professor who led the team that developed the technology. And the T-shirt does not even have to touch the chest for it to be functional. It is comfortable and doesn't inhibit the subject's natural movements; whether the user is lying down, sitting, standing, or moving around.

An antenna is implanted at the chest region of this T-shirt. This antenna is both a sensor and a transmitter. The information from this is transferred to the wearer’s smart-phone or computer. This T-shirt monitors the breathing rate in real time. I.e. the information provided by this T-shirt is very accurate. Even after being washed a total of 20 times, the antenna was pretty much intact and had not undergone any changes in its functionality.

Generally, individuals who have asthma, sleep apnea, COPD as well as newly born babies could reap the benefits from this T-shirt.



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