Self-Healing Concrete











Engineers at Ghent University in Belgium have taken a lead role in the pioneering work.

A concrete will be filled with super-absorbent polymers. So when a crack appears, water comes in, and the super-absorbent polymers swell and block the crack from further intake of water. Scientists working on the European-backed research project think these elastic polymers can indeed protect structures bearing dynamic and mechanical loads.

There are other biological products that can be used to help concrete repair itself. At Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, researchers have identified another agent to help concrete self-heal – bacteria.

As soon as a small crack appears, bacteria contained within the concrete mixes with leaked water, creating calcium carbonate that seals the crack. Researchers are currently testing how impermeable the bacteria-driven sealing really is.

Scientists now aim to implement the technology in real structures.

Source:- science daily (prepared by science and technology information center)