Hazar Seed Industry Coming To Ethiopia


Hazera is a global leader in the seed industry, and holds 10% of the global market of fresh tomato seeds. 

The company is the leader in the Israeli tomato market and a very strong player in the markets in the Mexico, USA Spain, China, Turkey and Greece especially. 

Hazera invests extensively in research & development of new varieties of tomatoes.  The latest trend is the growing mini plum tomato variety (also known as grape or snack tomatoes), which is the small, more oval shaped tomato. This type of tomato is one of Hazera's strongest and growing categories.

Now Hazera is expanding its reach beyond dominant markets, most recently into Africa, especially Ethiopia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.  According to Giras, the African market is growing and moving from open pollination varieties to hybrid tomatoes varieties, which are more consistent and have more resistant, high yield, and which are already dominant in the America and Europe.
On the R&D front, Hazera has recently debuted three new tomato varieties – Maggie and Goutine, two new tasty tomatoes, and the new Whitney cherry tomato variety. 


Source:- (prepared by science and technology information center)