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Mulugeta Derbew (PhD)

Our country's producers and service industries that are selected in the business sector and will continue to be competitive in the international market, the safety and interests of the citizens, as well as the police's innovative, research and teaching curriculum, the presence and strengthening of healthy quality development institutions, and the existence and strengthening of quality development institutions, are making a great effort to coordinate the precious work of our government. Available The National Institute of Physiology (NIPH) is one of the quality control development institutions in figurative terms. Since it was established by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 194/2010, the vision of becoming a leading and reliable institution in Africa is the need for the use of physical and scientific equipment. It is in motion. The institute provides services in the field of physics and scientific instruments in two courts. Science means advanced science and application, and although the science tools are given to different countries depending on the development level and specific situation, science tools are tools used for production and curriculum, education and training, quality control and inspection, physiology, human or animal treatment. The story is narrated in many different ways from the time when the son of Sawaw was freed from his old nomadism and started to live in a village. The start of making this leader's way uniform and modern was first established in France in 1791 and has been recognized internationally since May 20/1875. Since then, she has implemented a moral system. In this science which has reached a very high level and which is accompanied by its own surprising situation, a deeper understanding of the use of language science and science in the daily life of our earth is very important information. High monitoring of competitiveness, consistency and an internationally accepted system of Alek, from seed selection, management, handling and disposal, as well as maintenance services and training, supporting studies and research, expanding the scope of service of Alek in the field of science, expanding and developing new areas of Alek, as well as in science In relation to the use of modern equipment, we are working to facilitate the transition by providing services. In addition, the institute works in coordination and cooperation with international, continental, equivalent physical institutions, stakeholders and development partner organizations to establish inter-continental comparisons and international hierarchical links. They give big moves to strengthen jobs. Private investors and government organizations have their own calibration laboratory and scientific equipment

Mulugeta Derbew (PhD)

Ethiopian Metrology Institute Director General

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